Monday, 11 May 2015

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

When Urban Decay announced they would my bringing out a third instalment of the cult favourite naked palette, no one knew what to expect so when it was released we were met with 12 rose toned eye shadows. When I first saw it took me some time to like it, as it was very different from the previous warm and cool toned palettes. 
Urban Decay have followed previously from the Naked 2 with the tin packaging but this time it is a pinky grey colour. The 12 eye shadows range from matte, shimmer and satin finish shadows, each well pigmented and have great lasting power.
The first four eye shadows are Strange, Dust, Burnout and Limit. Strange is the perfect matt creamy white perfect as a base or a subtle highlight.
Dust is a light shimmery pink that has silver reflexes running throughout it in different lights.
Burnout is very similar to Dust but is a bit more peachy toned rather than pink.
Limit is a matte pinky, purply grey toned shadow perfect to add slight definition to the eyes.
 The next four eye shadows are probably my favourite throughout the palette. They are Buzz, Trick, Nooner and Liar.
Buzz is the perfect shimmery pink that leaves the eyes with a foiled finish, with silver shimmer running through it.
Trick my favourite eye shadow in the palette in some lights this shadow looks rose gold toned and in others it looks much more copper toned.
Nooner another matte shadow however this one is more pinky brown shade, in one quick sweep this one could give you perfect definition in a flash.
Liar to me this shadow in the ban doesn't look much but when swatched and on the eye looks amazing, it is a muted pink with brown undertone to it.
The last four eye shadows in the palette are the darkest, they are Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart.
Factory, a rich brown shade with a hint of pinky shimmer.
Mugshot, is a warm brown shade with a metallic silver reflex to it. This is a shade I need to use more often as it would look perfect on its own or in a brown smoky eye.
Darkside a deep purple shade with a hint of shimmer to make it not look to dark and scary.
The last shade is probably the most unusual Blackheart a matte black but with red micro glitter throughout it, perfect to spice up any smoky eye.
 Overall it has taken me some time to love the Naked 3 Palette but I'm glad I do now love it, as I don't have any other pinky toned eye shadows. Out of palettes 2 and 3 I don't think I could choose which one I like the best as both of them offer a great range of colours, and an endless amount of looks to create.

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