Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The bloggers made me do it

As soon as Kylie Jenner told everyone she was using Nip and Fab products, the blogging community went crazy as Nip and Fab products are very affordable and offer a range of products suiting to any skincare need. 
Kylie stated that some of her favourite products were from the Glycolic Fix Range, a range that helps to create a brighter clearer complexion, a range which I needed to try out.
I first started off by trying the exfoliating facial pads, a product that after the first use I loved, as they noticeably made a difference to my skin as it cleared away some on of the marks on my face from previous spots. The pads contain Glycolic Acid which helps to retexture the surface, to make it more smooth, Hyaluronic acid which refreshes and moisturises the skin and blue daisy which helps to calm everything down.
My next product is probably one of my favourites as it is a real multi-tasker, it is the Deep Cleansing Fix. A cream that can be used as an on spot treatment, an overnight mask, to remove makeup, a 10 minute mask. A little amount of the cream goes a long way and after using it seems to leave a slight film on my face, which some my not like but if you have dry skin it would be perfect as it would help to lock in moisture. The cream contains tea tree oil to help cleanse the pores and sweet almond oil to keep the skin nourished.
My last product is the Glycolic Fix Serum, a product that provides that extra boost in my skincare. The serum contains 4% Glycolic which really help to brighten the skin and minimise spots. When I use this product before bed I have to let it sink in to my skin as my skin feels quite tacky from where the product is sinking in to my skin.
Overall since using the Nip and Fab products I feel that my skin has become much clearer and better. 

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