Friday, 19 December 2014

Glitter Christmas Nails

Glitter and Christmas go hand in hand and there is no better way to wear a bit of glitter than on your nails. Now that college is finished for Christmas I thought go for it. 
For the nail polishes I used Ciate nail polish in tickle my fancy, which is a beautiful deep blue with a tint on green. Then for the exciting part the glitter I used Barry M nail paint in Gold Glitter,  I intended to use Ciate Sequin in Miss Mistletoe but thought it would look a bit too much on all of my nails and it was a bit difficult to use as it was pure sequins !!!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Autumn/Winter Staple

As we are now in winter and only a week until Christmas, the makeup trend among bloggers throughout this time of year has always been berry lips. Whether it be a gloss, stain or lipstick it is now a winter favourite. I thought I would give it a go and tried Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in the colour 005 Crush. A stain that is not like your typical stain as it is not drying on your lips, and will still be on your lips whether you eat, drink or lick your lips.

 When deciding on what makeup to pair with these berry lips I chose to keep the eyes simple by using MAC All that Glitters eye shadow and a tiny bity of Brun, also by MAC, in the crease of the eyes for definition. Also for the eyes I wanted to create long fluttery eye lashes so I used a combination of W7 Absolute Lashes and Collection Lengthening Mascaras. Then for the face I used MAC Eternal Sun prolong wear blush, around the perimeter of my face to add some warmth to the look.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Clothes Show Live 2014 Haul

Last Saturday I went to the Clothes Show Live for the first time and came away thinking that it was amazing, as you could get bargains in both makeup and clothes. We also attended the fashion show and thought it was amazing I took some photos throughout the show which will be included at the bottom of this post. 
From the makeup brand W7 a brand that I have only seen on Amazon I decided to go for their deal 5 items for £10. Quite a few of the items I got were dupes from Benefit so I could compare to the original product. I got the Absolute Lashes mascara which looks a lot like the Benefit Their Real mascara, but doesn't have the safe effect of your eyelashes as it doesn't give you a lot of length and volume, I also found when using it that the plastic wand can be quite harsh when using it. I also got the dupes of High Beam and Lollitint, and they are a hint of Tahiti and Night glow, these are okay for the price but you need to use a patting motion to help build up the colour. I also got the  perfection primer which does leave the pores minimised, but can sometimes move your foundation around and leave funny marks. The last product I got was the Naked Nudes eye shadow palette, a palette that remind me of the Urban Decay naked basics palette.
A great deal that was going on was to get 10 mini Ciate nail polishes for £10 (bargain), so me and my mum decided to get 5 each and we chose. Can't it be kinky, miss mistletoe, can can, topcoat, hopscotch, cloud nine, Christmas tree caviar, tickle my fancy, and two boudoir.
The next stand was Barry M that had a goodie bag for £10 and came with so many goodies, it came with six nail polishes all of different variety. It also came with 2 dazzle dust in 77 and 8. Next it came with two super soft eye crayons in 1 and 10. Then a metallic liquid eye liner in a light pink shade that will look great in the inner corners of the eyes or an ally over lid colour. Lastly it came with the loud mouth lip colour in tell tale.
The bargain that I was mostly pleased with was old season Topshop rings that usually cost £6 but at this specific stand were only £1 !!! So I decided to pick up 4 different varieties

The last things I brought were three Carmex lip balms for £5, as we got Platinum tickets we got a free show bag that came with the Freederm Daily Complex moisturiser that I have used nightly and I love. Lastly it came with the Collection Lengthening Mascara.  


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Favourite photos from Australia

 As I took sooo many photos whilst on holiday in Australia I thought I would share with you some of my favourites and where they were taken.
 Everywhere we went the views were amazing

The first time I went to Priceline in Brisbane

When I first got my watch and could not stop looking at it !

We of course had to have a Starbucks on Surfers Paradise  

Two of my favourite selfies with my Mum and Dad

Back in my favourite city in the world .. Sydney !!!!! 

 One of my favourite outfits for dinner, when we went to the Hard Rock CafĂ© in Darling Harbour

Looking out over Sydney in my favourite t-shirt and hat 
Hope you enjoyed this blog post, and on Saturday for the first time I am going to the Clothes Show live at the NEC in Birmingham !!!. I will complete a post about the day and will also be showing you what I got.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Current Favourites

As I haven't done a monthly favourites in a while I thought I would share with you what I am loving at the moment in beauty and non beauty.
Beauty Favourites:
For beauty favourites I first start off with the ELF eyebrow kit a mini kit that contains a coloured wax to help fill in any bald spots in your eyebrows, and a powder to help set them in place. This kit is great for £3.50 as it can help anyone to achieve full defined looking eyebrows.
Next is MAC zoom waterfast lash a mascara that I absolutely love at the moment, as it gives you long volumized  eyelashes, as it is also waterproof it stays on all day long, but puts up quite a fight when trying to remove it.
My next favourite is also from MAC and it is the prolong wear blush in the colour eternal sun, a shade that I love to give some more colour to the perimeter of my face, it can also be used as a blush to warm up any complexion.
My last beauty favourite was an unlikely find in Bondi Beach, I first saw this on the Sephora website and instantly wanted to try it. It is the Smiths Rosebud lip slave, a beautiful balm that smells amazing and gives lips a slight tint and also beautifully shiny that is not sticky.
Non Beauty Favourites
For Non Beauty favourites I start off with the Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea, a perfect tea for anyone that finds green tea too bland but loves the combination of salty sweet salted caramel. It is perfect for a change to your regular tea, I love it in a rather large mug.
Next for beauty favourites is a pair of slippers that I wear all the time when at home, they are from UGG in a moccasins style they are from a UGG brand that can only be found in Australia. As they are filled with sheep fur they are soo comfy and keep your feet nice and warm perfect for winter time.
My last non beauty favourite is my most exciting and it is my last 16th present which I got in Australia from my Mum and Dad. It is a Michael Kors Rose Gold watch with a Cobalt Blue face. it is so beautiful and I am so happy I finally have one. I wear it all the time and goes perfectly with any outfit.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Australian Makeup Haul

I'm back from an absolute amazing holiday, and I thought my first blog post would be one of my most exciting. A makeup haul ! In Australia they have so many more makeup brands than in the UK, and a more wider range of products and the shop that I kept on going back to was Priceline.
From the brand Australis I decided to get the Conceal Correct 4-in-1 palette, that is great for travelling as it come with two skin tone concealers, and a lilac corrector to conceal dark circles and a green corrector to cover any redness on the skin. I really like the consistency of these concealers, as they are creamy and can help to get a flawless base. The last product I got from this brand was the Metallic Finish eye shadow in Jay Zed, a green cream eye shadow with an amazing metallic finish to it.
Next is Face of Australia and I start off with a product I have wanted to get my hands on for ages all thanks to Lauren Curtis, and it is the Translucent Loose Powder. A powder that will last forever and will beautifully set your makeup, leaving your skin with a matte finish. Perfect. Next is the Sheer Lip gloss Crayon in Macaron, a beautiful pink shade that looks scary but is really sheer, leaving lips with a hint of colour and shine.
Next is Models Prefer a brand with so many things I could have chosen to get. I got two brushes the powder and bronzer brush, and the eyebrow brush.
I then got the Infinite Colour Shadow Pencil in the colour Oh Fudge, a perfectly pigmented pencil leaving the lids with a dark brown shade with a blue reflex to it, that reminds me of Blue Brown pigment from Mac.
Next is one of my favourite blush that will be perfect for summer, the cream blush in the colour Love, a bright orange/red that is also very pigmented with great staying power.
The last thing from Models Prefer was in the Christmas section, The Warm Smoky colour palette. A great gift that can help you to get 2 looks a natural smoky look, or a darker smoky look. The eye shadows are perfect for anyone who wants help to create smoky eyes.
Last from Priceline was a brand I was so excited about, Physicians Formula. I got the Organic wear Jumbo Lash mascara that I have not tried yet but will soon be doing a review on. From a first look at it the packing is AMAZING, and the wand is very fat hinting that it will give the lashes lots of volume.
Last is the Happy Booster blush in Rose, an amazingly packed blush with heart indentations on the powder. The actual blush I love as it gives you different tones of pink allowing you to get a different shade every time.
Last makeup from Australia is from ELF in Kmart, and it is a product I have wanted to try for ages the studio eyebrow kit in medium. A kit that comes with a gel and powder perfect to define and set the eyebrows. Last is the Wet Gloss lash and brow to set my eyebrows with and also comes with some clear mascara.
I hope you enjoyed this post and now I am back posts will be more consistent.


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Whats in my Carry On ?

As things are being packed away in suitcases, I thought for my last post before I go to Australia, I thought I would share with you what I am taking in my carry on bag.
 I have not yet fully decided on which bag to take with me whether it be this Moschino tote, or this Longchamp look alike backpack. But the contents of which ever bag I choose has already been decided.
I first start off with this small clear case that contains; My retainer as I want to be able to wear it whilst watching movies and between meals. Next is the Witch Blemish stick for any spots I may have or any that are coming. Next is a travelling must have, antibacterial hand gel to kill any unwanted  germs. Next I have packed is a clear jar to house my moisturiser throughout the flight, my moisturiser will be the Simple Anti Blemish moisturiser.
My second to last product is the Nivea Lip Butter in Blueberry Blush, which has an amazing scent whilst protecting and hydrating the lips. My last product is Carex Refreshing wipes to refresh my hands and face if they are feeling dry.
Moving away from products I start off with my Kindle Paper white, a saviour for a book reading lover which can store hundreds of books without you feeling the weight of them !
Next is my Ipad 2 ready for me to play any games. Next is my Aspinal Leather bound journal I am taking this in my carry on bag so I can write down every part of the holiday. Next thing in my bag is my camera which is the Canon EOS 600D, which will be ready for me to take any photos.
Last main thing in my carry on bag is going to be a magazine which I will purchase at the airport, which is going to be the November issue of Vogue.
I will also be taking my headphones which are the Beats by Dr Dre Solo Headphones.
The last little things that are in my bag are my Phone, Purse, Polo's, Tissues and Pens.
I hope you enjoyed this post and when I return from Australia I will have hauls and posts on which we did each week.