Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Lets talk about ...... Essence

Essence is a great makeup brand, but a brand that I feel is not talked about a lot in the blogging community. It should be talked about more as it offers a great range of products, for such a great price and they are all amazing quality.

Two of the products available that I would 100% recommend are the 3D eye shadows that are amazingly pigmented for the price of £2.80. I have the shade Irresistible Vanilla Latte, which I would recommend as you can use it as a eye shadow or a face highlighter. My second favourite product that I feel everyone has to get are the blushes, they provide great pigmentation, amazing colour range, last all day long and are a great price. The blush up in heat wave is £3.50 and the silky touch blushes are £2.50. As the blushes from Essence are great I really want to try their sooo blush as they are a cream to powder formula.
The next product I would recommend from Essence are their Nail polishes specially the colour and go range as they offer a great range of colours and last for ages. Essence offer a wide range of nail polishes ranging in effects gel, glitter, latex matt, glitter, liquid foil and camouflage, I would recommend going in to a shop that sells Essence or looking at their website online to look at the range of polish they offer.
The I stage eye shadow base is the next product I would recommend from Essence as it helps to keep your eye shadow, in place all day long with out creasing or making the colour fade. A little goes a long way with this product so it will last a long time for only £2.50.
The last product I recommend from Essence are their mascaras, they seem to have an endless range of mascaras, from primers, volume, definition, coloured mascara and no clumping mascara. The mascaras ranges in price from £1 to £3.50.
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