Thursday, 10 July 2014

Real Techniques Brushes

Real Techniques Brushes are one of my favourite brush brands, along with Sigma. As they offer great quality brushes for an excellent price. As my collection is rapidly growing I thought I would share with you them.

The first brush I got from Real Techniques was the Stippling Brush. A well loved brush I used to use for everything. With this brush you can buff in your foundation, then stipple over to give an air brush look to the skin. The price of this brush is £12.
Next in my collection is the gigantic powder brush. This brush evenly distributes powder to not give a cakey effect. This brush can also be used to bronze up the skin to give a healthy look, and to also blend everything together. The price of this brush is £13.
Out of all of my Real Techniques brushes, one of my favourites is the Blush Brush as for me this is the best multitasker brush. As I use it for my powder and it is also the perfect size for applying blush to the apples of my cheeks. This brush costs £10 and is the perfect price as it can carry out numerous tasks.
The next brush I have is the Expert Face Brush, a brush that is perfect for cream and liquid products. As the brush hairs are dense and tightly packed together you can buff the product in to the skin. This brush will also cost £10.
The Core Collection brushes are my most recently added brushes to my collection. The Core Collection consists of the Detailer Brush that can be used for precise concealing. The Pointed Foundation brush perfect for the use of foundation, or blending in concealer. The Contour Brush which is the perfect size for creating killer cheekbones. And last but not least my favourite the Buffing Brush perfect for blending in foundation and cream products to give a flawless finish. This set is perfect for anyone new to makeup hoping to achieve the perfect base. This collection is £22 and will give you four amazing quality brushes.
Overall the Real Techniques Brushes are a staple in any makeup collection, and offer great quality brushes that I would recommend to any makeup lovers.

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