Friday, 7 November 2014

Australian Makeup Haul

I'm back from an absolute amazing holiday, and I thought my first blog post would be one of my most exciting. A makeup haul ! In Australia they have so many more makeup brands than in the UK, and a more wider range of products and the shop that I kept on going back to was Priceline.
From the brand Australis I decided to get the Conceal Correct 4-in-1 palette, that is great for travelling as it come with two skin tone concealers, and a lilac corrector to conceal dark circles and a green corrector to cover any redness on the skin. I really like the consistency of these concealers, as they are creamy and can help to get a flawless base. The last product I got from this brand was the Metallic Finish eye shadow in Jay Zed, a green cream eye shadow with an amazing metallic finish to it.
Next is Face of Australia and I start off with a product I have wanted to get my hands on for ages all thanks to Lauren Curtis, and it is the Translucent Loose Powder. A powder that will last forever and will beautifully set your makeup, leaving your skin with a matte finish. Perfect. Next is the Sheer Lip gloss Crayon in Macaron, a beautiful pink shade that looks scary but is really sheer, leaving lips with a hint of colour and shine.
Next is Models Prefer a brand with so many things I could have chosen to get. I got two brushes the powder and bronzer brush, and the eyebrow brush.
I then got the Infinite Colour Shadow Pencil in the colour Oh Fudge, a perfectly pigmented pencil leaving the lids with a dark brown shade with a blue reflex to it, that reminds me of Blue Brown pigment from Mac.
Next is one of my favourite blush that will be perfect for summer, the cream blush in the colour Love, a bright orange/red that is also very pigmented with great staying power.
The last thing from Models Prefer was in the Christmas section, The Warm Smoky colour palette. A great gift that can help you to get 2 looks a natural smoky look, or a darker smoky look. The eye shadows are perfect for anyone who wants help to create smoky eyes.
Last from Priceline was a brand I was so excited about, Physicians Formula. I got the Organic wear Jumbo Lash mascara that I have not tried yet but will soon be doing a review on. From a first look at it the packing is AMAZING, and the wand is very fat hinting that it will give the lashes lots of volume.
Last is the Happy Booster blush in Rose, an amazingly packed blush with heart indentations on the powder. The actual blush I love as it gives you different tones of pink allowing you to get a different shade every time.
Last makeup from Australia is from ELF in Kmart, and it is a product I have wanted to try for ages the studio eyebrow kit in medium. A kit that comes with a gel and powder perfect to define and set the eyebrows. Last is the Wet Gloss lash and brow to set my eyebrows with and also comes with some clear mascara.
I hope you enjoyed this post and now I am back posts will be more consistent.


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