Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Whats in my Carry On ?

As things are being packed away in suitcases, I thought for my last post before I go to Australia, I thought I would share with you what I am taking in my carry on bag.
 I have not yet fully decided on which bag to take with me whether it be this Moschino tote, or this Longchamp look alike backpack. But the contents of which ever bag I choose has already been decided.
I first start off with this small clear case that contains; My retainer as I want to be able to wear it whilst watching movies and between meals. Next is the Witch Blemish stick for any spots I may have or any that are coming. Next is a travelling must have, antibacterial hand gel to kill any unwanted  germs. Next I have packed is a clear jar to house my moisturiser throughout the flight, my moisturiser will be the Simple Anti Blemish moisturiser.
My second to last product is the Nivea Lip Butter in Blueberry Blush, which has an amazing scent whilst protecting and hydrating the lips. My last product is Carex Refreshing wipes to refresh my hands and face if they are feeling dry.
Moving away from products I start off with my Kindle Paper white, a saviour for a book reading lover which can store hundreds of books without you feeling the weight of them !
Next is my Ipad 2 ready for me to play any games. Next is my Aspinal Leather bound journal I am taking this in my carry on bag so I can write down every part of the holiday. Next thing in my bag is my camera which is the Canon EOS 600D, which will be ready for me to take any photos.
Last main thing in my carry on bag is going to be a magazine which I will purchase at the airport, which is going to be the November issue of Vogue.
I will also be taking my headphones which are the Beats by Dr Dre Solo Headphones.
The last little things that are in my bag are my Phone, Purse, Polo's, Tissues and Pens.
I hope you enjoyed this post and when I return from Australia I will have hauls and posts on which we did each week.

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