Friday, 27 February 2015

The Youtubers Reign

Many Youtubers at the moment have been publishing their own books, and the ones I have been most interested in have of course been by the beauty guru's.

The book I first got from a Youtuber was Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, I haven't started reading it yet as I have still been hooked on Breaking Dawn, as I do love Zoe's videos I hope to like her book. You can get this book for £5 from Amazon.

The next book I got was Michelle Phan, Make Up your life guide to beauty style and success online and off. This is by far one of my favourite books by the youtubers as from Michelle you find about how here love for makeup started and how her YouTube channel started to grow. In the book she shares her tips on makeup, hair, nails, clothes, digital help, and also many other tips and tricks to help us all. From reading this book Michelle Phan is firmly one of my favourite Beauty Guru's. This book is £13 from Amazon.
My next book is from a Youtuber I have loved for ages Love Tanya by Tanya Burr. This book is great as Tanya shares all of her tips and tricks about makeup, skincare, clothes, hair and how to start a YouTube channel. Along with the tips and tricks she also shares her life before YouTube, her anxiety and love. In this book I love the pictures and also how the reader can write down notes after each section of the book. £6.50 from Amazon.
My most recent book is The Glam Guide by FleurDeForce, another one of my firm favourite YouTubers and Beauty Guru's. In the book I love the range of information from beauty to relationships, skincare to body image and travel to clothing. In this book I also love how the pictures are drawn and not photographs, I also personally love the rose gold writing on the front cover of the book. This book is £7.50 from Amazon.

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