Friday, 29 August 2014

London College of Fashion, Makeup Workshop Day 1

On Tuesday 19th August I attended the Makeup Workshop course at the London College of Fashion. On the first day we found out how to prepare the skin, for makeup by using an oil cleanser and a moisturiser. We then also used Corrective Techniques to suit the person we were working on, for example creating a peach shade of concealer to use under the eyes to counteract the dark shades.
We next created a 'no makeup look', by applying a light coverage foundation to the skin to even out the skin tone, concealing any imperfections, applying a cream blush as these look most natural, lightly filling in the eyebrows to give definition to the face, and lastly a light layering of mascara.
We also mastered how to contour and highlight the face, we were also shown very dramatic contouring and highlighting using black and white creams.
The first day, of this three day course, was about mastering the basics. All of the products we used were from MAC, so it was good to try out different products that you wouldn't usually get to try. After we completed our Makeup looks on each other, we were then given feedback on tell us what we could improve on and what was good about the look. At the start of the course it was different to be doing someone else's makeup, but good to try out different skin tones other than my own. At the start of each session we were given a demonstration of what we would be doing, and what products we should use.
At end of the first day I was very excited about what the next two days would bring. 

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