Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Favourite Makeup Brand at the Moment

NYX is rapidly becoming one of my favourite makeup brands, as it offers great quality products for an amazing price.
The product that NYX is most famous for are the Jumbo Eye Pencils, which offer a creamy pigmented eye shadow in a stick form, perfect for on the go. The most raved about colour is milk, which is a pigmented white perfect to provide a base for eye shadows, as it gives them something to stick to therefore making them last longer. My next favourite colour is Yogurt a rose gold tone that is perfect shade when it hits the light. My newest pencil is Cashmere a champagne toned eye shadow.
My favourite products from NYX have to be the powder blushes, which offer a pigmented colour on the cheeks and offer a great range of colours. The colours I own are Natural which is a light pink with a hint of shimmer. Rose Garden which is a standard pink with a hint of shimmer, that looks beautiful on the cheeks. My newest addition is Mauve a pink matte blush, that has soon become my favourite, as on the cheeks it leaves you with a healthy flush of colour.
As well as powder blushes NYX also have a great range of cream blushes, which have a creamy texture and glide on to the skin, leaving a healthy finish with a hint of colour, my blush is in the shade Boho Chic.

Another product from NYX which I have fallen in love with is the Eyebrow Cake Powder. Which is perfect for beginners as it provides you with a wax to set the brows in place, as well as 2 powders to define them. It also comes with a small brush, as well as mascara wand to distribute the powder.
 I love all the NYX products I have but their is one that disappoints me. The eye shadow base in skin tone, which leaves an orange residue around the eye. But it does offer a suitable base for the eye shadow to stick to.
As NYX cosmetics are now coming to the UK (all thanks to Next), we will all be able to explore their products and what they have to offer.

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