Saturday, 20 February 2016

An unexpected find

Whilst on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, I found an eyeshadow palette that I just had to get my hands on, it was stunning to look at and it was even better when I found out it came from Ebay !!!

The unexpected palette consists of 15 warm toned eyeshadows, that are all matte for the price you pay I believe that you do get an all right pigment. When you first look at the palette you get three peachy skin toned shades perfect for transition colours in the crease.

 You also get your standard black and white, then you also get different tones of brown ranging from dark to light to grey toned. an unexpected shade you do get in the palettes is a very warm toned orange, that look red in the palette but when swatched on your hand is the perfect warm orange, perfect to spice up any eye look. Paired with the perfect eye primer the eyeshadows do have great staying power.

I believe that this is a great palette for the price you pay, as you get 15 great warm toned eyeshadows. The palette is also great for travelling as you get a range of shadows to work with and a nice slim palette. For £2.99 it's a bargain, to get your hands on this palette follow the link down below.


  1. This palette looks great and for just £3 pounds..Steal.

    1. Yeah it was a great find some perfect shades in there for anyone x